Do Baby Teeth Matter If They Are Just Going To Fall Out Anyway? Yes – And Here’s Why!

If your child has a cavity in one of their baby teeth, or they knock out a baby tooth prematurely, you may be wondering. Does it really matter? Are your child’s baby teeth that important? After all, won’t their baby teeth fall out anyway?

The obvious answer is “yes.” Your child’s baby teeth do matter, and there are a lot of different reasons why. In this blog from Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry, we’ll explain why baby teeth are important, and why you need to see Dr. Hantson for an appointment if you think that something is wrong with one of your child’s baby teeth.

Your Child Needs Healthy Teeth To Eat, Speak, And Smile

The most obvious reason that baby teeth are important is… that they’re teeth! Everyone needs their teeth. Teeth let us speak clearly, eat our favorite foods, smile proudly, and express ourselves.

Kids are no different. If your kids have one or more damaged or missing baby teeth, they may have issues speaking properly. They may not be able to chew properly. They may experience significant oral pain and discomfort. And they may not feel good about their smile, particularly if they’re older.

Because of this, proper oral care is essential for baby teeth. Feed your child a healthy diet, brush their teeth twice a day, and start flossing once they get a full set of baby teeth. Along with regular six-month visits to Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry, taking these steps will keep their mouth healthy. 

Baby Teeth Fall Out Naturally, But Some Of Them Stick Around For A Long Time

It’s not like your child loses all of their baby teeth at once, either. Usually, kids start to shed their baby teeth around the age of 5 or 6, starting with the front incisors. But it will take years for them to shed their entire set of baby teeth. In most cases, the final baby teeth to fall out are their rear molars, and this doesn’t happen until the age of 12-13.

So, particularly if your child has a cavity or an issue with a rear tooth, it may be a long time before it’s replaced at all. You need to get your child the treatment they need to protect it and preserve it for the years to come.

Baby Teeth Are Essential For The Proper Development Of Adult Teeth

Finally, baby teeth matter because they are an important part of how the adult teeth develop. As the adult teeth grow, they follow the “paths” created by the baby teeth to erupt in the proper position. 

Basically, the baby teeth act as spacers, helping the adult teeth grow into the mouth correctly. Losing a baby tooth prematurely can throw off the alignment of your child’s teeth, causing future oral development issues.

So if your child loses one or more of their baby teeth prematurely, it’s important to get treatment like space maintainers to preserve the proper gaps in their smile, and minimize potential complications related to oral development.

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As a board-certified pediatric dentist, Dr. Hantson is here to care for your child’s baby teeth, keep their smile healthy, and ensure they develop great oral health habits as they grow and their adult teeth begin to emerge. Don’t wait, and don’t risk your child’s oral health. Contact us online or call us at (781) 205-1124 to schedule your child’s next pediatric consultation right away.

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