Silver Diamine Fluoride IN MARSHFIELD

A Non-Invasive Alternative To Fillings

Silver Diamine Fluoride IN MARSHFIELD

Tooth decay is the most common preventable childhood disease. In the US, at least 50% of children will develop a cavity in one of their primary teeth by the age of 11. Making sure that your child’s primary teeth are healthy is essential for the proper formation and eruption of their adult teeth. At Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry, Dr. Julie offers Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF), a non-invasive alternative to fillings.

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Understanding The Basics

How Does Silver Diamine Fluoride Work?

Silver Diamine Fluoride is a liquid substance composed of silver, ammonia, water, and fluoride. These substances have unique properties that kill cavity-causing bacteria and stop the progression of decay. Dr. Julie will apply the SDF solution directly on the surface of the cavity using a brush. This process can halt tooth decay, making it an ideal option if your child’s primary teeth have cavities.

Is SDF Right For My Child?

When to Consider Silver Diamine Fluoride

SDF is intended to stop the development of cavities and prevent them from getting bigger. However, it is not a restorative treatment, unlike a filling or a crown. This means that SDF cannot be used for very deep, significant cavities, or for broken or infected teeth. SDF is an ideal treatment for children who have small cavities in their primary teeth. During your consultation, Dr. Julie will discuss your child’s needs and help you determine whether this is the right treatment option.

Why Should I Choose SDF?

Understanding the Benefits

Many parents choose SDF because the treatment is totally non-invasive. There are no dental drills or needles required, making this treatment ideal for children who may be fearful of dental instruments. SDF is also more affordable than a traditional filling, and the treatment is much shorter. Though SDF is non-invasive, affordable, and convenient, sometimes a dental filling is the right option. Dr. Julie will assess your child’s teeth to determine which treatment is best for their dental health needs.

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Protect Your Child From Tooth Decay

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Tooth decay is a serious issue, even when it affects your child’s primary teeth. If a decaying baby tooth is left untreated, more serious dental health issues can develop. If you believe your child may need treatment for a cavity, call the team at Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry at (781) 205-1124. You can also stop by our office, located at 3 Proprietors Drive, Marshfield, MA 02050.

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