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When your child has a dental emergency, it’s important to get help from a qualified pediatric dentist right away. Swift action is often necessary to save a tooth after an injury, and to minimize your child’s pain and discomfort. Whether your child has a serious toothache, or their tooth and/or gums have been affected by an oral injury, we offer same-day appointments and compassionate emergency care at Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry.

Steps to Follow

What Should I Do In A Dental Emergency? 

If your child is having a dental emergency, there are some basic steps you can take to make sure they get the help they need. First and foremost, contact Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry and let us know that you are coming in for a same-day appointment. Some dental emergencies, like a knocked-out-tooth, require treatment within 1-2 hours. 

The next step you should take is to treat bleeding, if present. You can use clean gauze, paper towels or cotton balls to absorb blood flow, which should mostly stop within 1 hour. You can give your child medicine like Motrin or children’s Tylenol to help with their discomfort. Ice packs can also be applied externally for pain and swelling.

The above steps are all helpful, but not intended for long-term treatment. To get care and ensure your child gets relief from their pain and discomfort, come see Dr. Hantson at Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry as soon as you can.

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Understanding the Most Common

Pediatric Dental Emergencies

Children can suffer from most of the same dental emergencies that affect adults. Here is a brief overview of some of the most common issues, and tips for proper treatment and care. 

  • Cracked or damaged tooth  If your child’s tooth is cracked or damaged, rinse their mouth with warm water to clean the area. You can use an ice pack or cold compress to help mitigate swelling and pain. Contact us immediately for an emergency appointment.
  • Knocked-out tooth – Come in to see Dr. Hantson within 2 hours, and ideally within 1 hour, to have your child’s tooth re-implanted. Recover the tooth and avoid touching the root. Rinse it with warm water, and keep it moist by putting it back in the socket, or in a small bag of cold milk. Your child’s tooth needs to be re-implanted, if possible, even if it’s a baby tooth. The baby teeth are meant to stay in place until they naturally fall out, to help guide the eruption of your child’s permanent teeth. If we can’t reattach your child’s tooth, they may need a space maintainer to ensure their permanent teeth erupt properly.
  • Toothache – First, you can rinse your child’s mouth with warm water. Then, use floss to remove any food stuck between the teeth and gums. If the pain does not go away, there may be a deeper issue like a serious cavity, so schedule an emergency appointment right away.
  • Food stuck between the teeth – Try to remove the food using dental floss. Do not use any kind of sharp or pointed tool to try to remove the food, as you could cut or damage your child’s gums. If you can’t get the food out, see us for a consultation as soon as you can.
  • Lacerations to lips, gums, tongue or cheeks – Oral lacerations are a common issue in children. Most wounds are relatively minor, and require no care beyond cleaning and using gauze or cotton balls to help stop blood flow. However, deeper wounds that will not stop bleeding should be assessed and stitched by an emergency dentist. You may also take your child to an urgent care center.

Take Care of Emergencies Right Away

Same-Day Appointments

At Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry, we understand that dental emergencies don’t happen on your schedule. That’s why we make it easy to come in for emergency treatment whenever your child needs it. We always have same-day appointments available during office hours for patients who require emergency care. Give us a call at (781) 205-1124 before you come in to let us know you’re on your way, and we’ll be ready to take care of your child as soon as possible. We are located at 3 Proprietors Drive, Marshfield, MA 02050.

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