Does My Child Need Dental Sealants? Everything You Need To Know

Pediatric dental sealants in Marshfield are a great way to protect your child’s teeth from cavities. But does your child really need them? In this blog from Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry, we’ll explore a few indications that your child may need sealants, and answer a few common questions about pediatric dental sealants. 

Indications That Your Child May Need Sealants

So, why would your child need dental sealants? Here are a few common indications that Dr. Hantson may look for when recommending sealants. 

  • Deep grooves and pits in the rear teeth – The deep grooves and pits in the rear adult molars help chew and grind food, but also contribute to tooth decay. If your child’s teeth have particularly deep pits and grooves, sealants may be recommended to prevent cavities.

  • Thin enamel – If your child has thin enamel due to genetic factors, sealants are a great option for protecting their rear teeth.

  • History of cavities – If your child has had multiple cavities in either their baby teeth or adult teeth, pediatric dental sealants will be recommended to reduce the risk of future cavities forming in their rear teeth.

However, even if your child doesn’t have these issues, sealants can still be a great way to protect against cavities. They’re also covered by dental insurance, in most cases, so you may be able to get sealants at no out-of-pocket cost.

Are Sealants Safe For Children’s Teeth?

Yes. Sealants are completely safe and effective for treating children of all ages. They are inert, and non-toxic, and will not cause any side effects of any kind, except in the extremely rare case that your child is allergic to the materials used in the dental sealant process.

Not only that, but they are extremely effective. Kids with dental sealants are three times less likely to develop cavities than kids who do not have sealants, according to the CDC. So by investing in sealants for your child’s teeth, you can dramatically reduce their risk of future cavities. 

At What Age Are Dental Sealants The Most Effective?

Dental sealants are usually recommended at the age of 6, when your child’s first set of adult molars erupts, and at the age of about 12 or 13, when your child’s final set of adult molars erupts.

This is because the rear molars are the most prone to developing cavities. By applying sealants once when the first set of molars erupts and then re-applying them after about 5-6 years, a dentist like Dr. Julie Hantson can maximize the protection and effectiveness of the treatment.

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