How To Prepare Your Child For Their Dental Visit – Our Top Tips & Recommendations

If your child tends to be anxious or fearful of the dentist, you may be wondering if there’s any way to prepare them for their dental visit and ensure the process goes well. 

While outbursts and bad behavior can’t always be prevented entirely, the team at Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry does have some tips that may help your child’s appointment with Dr. Julie Hantson goes by a bit more smoothly. Read on to get our top tips and recommendations.

1. Come To Our Office First Thing In The Morning

A well-rested child is more likely to be cooperative, and less likely to be cranky and irritable. Try to schedule an appointment first thing in the morning while your child is still well-rested, or in the afternoon after a nap. If your child is tired and weary, they’re more likely to act up, so keep this in mind when scheduling your consultation at Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry. 

2. Keep Your Little One Occupied Before Their Appointment

We have plenty of toys and activities available at Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry, so your little one will have a lot of choices to stay occupied before their appointment. You can also bring your own activities, a tablet or smartphone to watch YouTube, or whatever else helps your child stay comfortable and occupied while they wait. This helps distract them from their upcoming appointment. 

3. Praise Your Child And Use Positive Language About Dentistry 

Even if your child is nervous, it’s a good idea to make them feel good about going to the dentist. Comfort them, tell them that they’re being brave, and that you’re proud of them for having a good attitude about going to the dentistry.

Avoid negative language, and try to stay positive about the dentist. Don’t use words like “shot” or “hurt” that may make your child’s fear or anxiety worse, and make the process more difficult. 

4. Bring Something To Help Them Feel More Safe & Comfortable 

Whether it’s a favorite stuffed toy, a blanket, a pillow, or anything else your kid has an attachment to, bringing something special that helps them feel more comfortable is a great way to help them overcome their fear and anxiety. 

5. Consider Rewarding Your Child With A Little Treat (Even If They Misbehave) 

After your child’s appointment with Dr. Hantson, it can be a good idea to give them a small treat, such as a kid’s meal from your child’s favorite restaurant, an inexpensive toy, or even a fun after-dentist activity like going to the park to play on the playground.

If you do this, make sure that you give them a reward even if the appointment doesn’t go smoothly. You want them to know that you’re rewarding them for being brave enough to go to the dentist, even if the appointment is a little bit difficult. You don’t want to make it seem like your child will be punished if they misbehave, cry, or are scared during their dentist’s appointment. 

Follow These Tips To Prepare Your Child For A Visit To The Dentist 

All kids are different, so not all of these suggestions may apply to your little one. But keep them in mind, and think of how you can incorporate these strategies to help your child’s visit with Dr. Hantson go more smoothly. Need to schedule an appointment? Just contact Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry online, or give us a call at (781) 205-1124 to get started.

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