Help! My Child’s Tooth Is Turning Dark – What Do I Do?

Have you noticed that one of your child’s teeth is turning an abnormal, dark , or black color? Whether it looks brown, gray, black, or is discolored in any other way, you may be concerned. What could this mean? Do you need to see a dentist? Find out now in this blog from team at Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry.

Has Your Child Experienced A Recent Oral Injury? This May Be The Cause!

First, think about any recent oral injuries your child may have experienced. Did they bump their mouth on something? Get hit while playing sports or horsing around? Or injure their mouth in any other way?

If so, this may be the cause of a tooth turning dark. This can happen even with relatively minor injuries. Not only that, but it can sometimes be hard to determine whether or not it’s related to an oral injury, because it can take up to 3 weeks or longer for the tooth to change in color.

When your child injures a baby tooth, it basically “bruises” the inside. This can happen even if the tooth did not become chipped or cracked due to the dental trauma. If the impact was heavy enough to damage the internal blood supply, the blood will start to “leak” into the tooth over time.

Often, this may not result in any visible tooth discoloration. But in some cases, the tooth may turn dark and become discolored. Most of the time, baby teeth will lighten back up and heal after this happens. This could take up to 3-6 months, though.

However, tooth discoloration after an oral injury could also indicate more severe damage or infection to the tooth. So it’s best to come and see a dentist like Dr. Julie if your child’s tooth is discolored. She can assess their issue and determine whether or not they need further treatment to restore their tooth.

Dark Teeth Can Be Caused By A Large Cavity Or Infected Tooth

If one or more of your child’s teeth are discolored, this may also indicate a cavity or a tooth infection. Deep, large cavities can discolor the surface and interior of the enamel, leading to dark or brown stains.

If the tooth is infected, this is an even more serious condition. Teeth that are infected will begin to die. During this process, they may turn dark gray or black. Eventually, the tooth will need to be extracted and removed.

If your child’s tooth is discolored and they are also complaining of tooth sensitivity, pain, or discomfort, this may indicate a large cavity or tooth infection, and you should get help right away from Dr. Julie and the team at Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry.

Get Help From A Dentist If Your Child Has A Dark Tooth

When it comes to your little one’s oral health, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If their tooth is seriously injured, you may need a dentist like Dr. Julie to intervene and save it. And if the discoloration is being caused by a cavity or an infected tooth, immediate dental care is the best way to protect your child’s oral health.

So don’t wait. If your child has a discolored tooth, contact Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry for the help you need. You can give us a call at (781) 205-1124 or contact us online to schedule an appointment and protect your child’s oral health.

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