The Importance of Preventive Dentistry and Dental Cleanings

In dentistry, particularly in kids, preventive actions are essential to a good start in oral health and in preserving the health of the teeth for as long as possible. Although it was demonstrated that our bodies can indeed repair damage to the teeth, the rate of decay can be quite fast and the intervention of medical treatment is almost always needed. 

To prevent multiple visits to the dentist and uncomfortable procedures or complications from not getting treated in time, parents should focus a lot on preventing common problems. 

Why It Is Important to Keep Baby Teeth Healthy

Your child will start getting permanent teeth around the ages of 6-7. Until then, baby teeth should be kept healthy and clean. Some parents have the incorrect belief that decay in baby teeth is not a big deal since they will be replaced anyway. However, unhealthy baby teeth can impact the future health of your child, in more ways than one.

First of all, creating good oral health habits in the first years of a child’s life will be beneficial throughout their entire lifetime. If a child gets used to cleaning and brushing their teeth when they are small, it’s much less likely that they will neglect their oral health later in life. 

Studies have also shown there is a direct connection between decay in baby teeth and future problems with permanent ones, including tooth loss, infections, and misalignment. 

What Is Preventive Dentistry?

As its name suggests, preventive dentistry is focused on preventing problems, rather than repairing existing damage (which is done through reconstructive or restorative dentistry). Besides keeping your child’s teeth clean every day through brushing and flossing, it’s important to take them to the dentist regularly. 

This will ensure that they have a good experience going to the dentist, which will make future interventions much easier. It also allows the dentist to notice possible problems early on, and treat them more easily. 

Preventive dentistry can involve using sealants for back teeth, as baby teeth can be more prone to decay. It also includes fluoride treatments, deep cleanings, and other simple procedures that prevent bigger problems. 

Why Are Dental Cleanings Important?

No matter how thorough you are when cleaning your child’s teeth during the first years, they still need regular cleanings at the dental office. Regular toothbrushes, even electric ones, might not reach the entire surface of the teeth, and plaque can build up. Dental offices have the technology to get rid of any dirt and bacteria on the surface of the teeth. 

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To ensure that your child’s teeth are healthy and clean, visit a pediatric dental office regularly. Take your child to the dentist from the moment the first tooth erupts, and every six months following that. 

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