Top 5 Tips For A Cavity-Free Halloween

Halloween is a truly fun, festive time for kids and adults alike. But it’s also prime time for cavities! How can you avoid cavities and still make sure you and your kids have a fun Halloween? With these tips from Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry, of course! Read on, and find out how you can avoid cavities this year! 

1. Don’t Let Your Kids Control Their Own Stashes Of Candy 

This may be common sense, but it’s still important to mention. Letting your kids sneak off to their room with a bulging bag of candy is a one-way street to cavity town, and overconsumption of sugary snacks is bad for their diet and overall health, too.

Put yourself in control. Keep candy stashes in an out-of-the-way location where your kids can’t find (or can’t reach) them, and make sure they are always supervised while eating their tasty Halloween treats.

2. Indulge In One Or Two “Candy Sessions” Per Day – Avoid All-Day Snacking!

Avoid giving your kids a few pieces of candy regularly throughout the day. All-day snacking leads to high levels of sugar in the mouth, which the saliva can’t neutralize. This, in turn, creates a breeding ground for the bacteria responsible for tooth decay. Eating candy in a single session is a much better option, as your kids can simply brush or rinse afterward to remove most of the sugar. 

3. Eat Candy After Mealtimes 

Saliva production is usually pretty high after meals, which helps manage acid levels, and eating candy after meal times helps ensure your kids don’t overdo it. They won’t have as much room for candy after a healthy meal, so they won’t eat as much! 

4. Limit Consumption Of Extremely Sticky Or Hard Candies 

Gummy, sticky and hard candies tend to get stuck in the teeth and are hard to remove. Try to limit the consumption of this kind of candy, and prioritize other types of treats like chocolate bars. Chocolate is actually not that bad for your mouth, compared to other sugary sweets! And the darker, the better — although dark chocolate might not appeal to your child. 

5. Get Your Kids To Brush (Or At Least Rinse) After Eating Candy

Brushing after eating candy will remove sugar and prevent cavities. Even swishing with mouthwash or water, or simply drinking a large glass of water will help with this, so make sure your kids are brushing or rinsing after their sweet treats! 

Bonus Tip: Remember That These Tips Apply To You, Too! 

Adults are not immune to cavities! It’s quite common to get cavities later in life, and Halloween can lead to over-indulging in sugary sweets, even in adults. So make sure you follow these tips, too. Not only will you reduce your risk of getting a cavity, but you’ll be a good role model for your kids! 

Don't Forget About Scheduling Regular Dental Visits For Your Kids! 

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