What to Do if Your Child's Filling Falls Out

Losing a filling is definitely a sign you need to go see the dentist. But when it happens to your child, a lot of parents can feel anxious and wonder what they can do to protect the little one’s oral health. 

In general, dental fillings are strong, but they aren’t made to last a lifetime, so experiencing a fallen filling isn’t all that uncommon. With routine dentist appointments done once every 6 months, you can help the little one’s oral health stay on track, and even reduce the risk of fallen-out fillings.

Still, here are some tips on how to handle a fallen-out dental filling in a child:

1. Manage the Pain

Fallen-out fillings can mean the dental pain comes back. Your child may experience a bit of discomfort when the tooth is exposed to cold or heat, or a sharp pain if pressure is applied to the tooth.

Depending on the child’s age, you may help reduce their discomfort with a cold compress or even OTC pain medication.

2. Call Your Pediatric Dentist

The next thing to do is call your child’s dentist and book an appointment to replace the filling. In most cases, a fallen out filling is not a dental emergency, although the dentist will likely try to schedule the visit as soon as possible.

If the filling fell out a long time ago and the child is in a lot of pain, then they may need emergency dental services.

3. Make Some Minor Food Changes

The child should chew their food on the other side of the mouth until the dental filling is replaced to avoid getting food particles stuck in the tooth. Moreover, you may want to switch to softer foods for older children and avoid items like candy, sticky foods, popcorn, nuts, and anything hard that could cause them pain when eating. 

4. Clean After Every Meal

It’s important to keep the tooth with the fallen-out filling clean until your pediatric dentist can replace the filling. Clean the child’s mouth after every meal. Use a soft bristle toothbrush and gently clean the teeth, without applying too much pressure, since it can cause the child some discomfort.

You can also use gentle mouthwash to help remove even more food particles, just be sure to instruct the child not to swallow. For smaller children, you can use fluoride water instead of mouthwash to help cleanse the mouth. 

Dealing with a Fallen Out Filling? We Can Help!

A fallen-out filling is nothing to worry about. Dr. Julie Hantson and Dr. Amanda Alon are here to help the little one’s oral health get back on track with professional pediatric dental services delivered with a caring touch and a kind smile.

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