Will Invisalign Hurt When My Teeth Shift? Dealing With Pain During Invisalign Treatment

If you’re thinking about getting Invisalign to straighten your teeth in Marshfield, or you think your teenager could benefit from Invisalign to correct their smile, you may be wondering if the treatment is uncomfortable. Will it hurt when your teeth shift? Find out now in this blog from Marshfield Pediatric Dentistry. 

Invisalign Will Cause Discomfort For A Few Days When You Switch To New Aligners

Compared to braces, Invisalign is considered to be a more comfortable treatment. The teeth tend to shift a bit more gradually, and there are no metal parts that could poke or irritate your oral tissue.

But that doesn’t mean it’s pain-free. Most people will experience some pain and discomfort during the process, and this is particularly common when you switch to a new set of aligners, which you’ll do about every 2 weeks.

For the first 2-3 days after you switch to a new set, your teeth will be moving and shifting to the proper position, and this may hurt. However, the pain won’t interfere with your day-to-day life, and will recede pretty quickly. 

How Can I Deal With Pain From Invisalign Treatment?

You or your teen can take a few simple steps to help reduce the discomfort you experience during the treatment process. Here are a few recommendations.

  1. Switch to new aligners before bed – If you’re asleep when your teeth begin to move, you can avoid some of the discomfort you’ll experience during the process, so many patients choose to swap to a new set of aligners before they go to bed.

  2. Buy some Invisalign “chewies” – These little pieces of plastic look sort of like a cotton roll. Chewing on them puts pressure on your teeth, which can help with pain in some cases. They also help ensure your new aligners fit properly, eliminating air bubbles and gaps. 
  3. Drink plenty of cold tap water – Cold water can help numb your mouth. Just remember not to drink anything except tap water while wearing your aligners.
  4. Eat mostly soft foods for a few days – Foods like rice, yogurt, soup, macaroni and cheese, pudding, and other such soft foods are easy to chew and don’t put pressure on your teeth, so they’re a good choice when your teeth hurt from Invisalign treatment.
  5. Take over-the-counter pain medication – Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen, and aspirin can all help with your discomfort, so take them as directed by the label when you first switch to a new set of aligners.

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